Langtang Helicopter Tour

Langtang Helicopter Tour

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About Trip:

Langtang valley, one of the hidden and unaffected places in Nepal is getting popular as new hiking spots among visitors. Langtang Valley Trek is the best way to explore this region which is 7 days package. Another alternative to explore Langtang Valley is through Langtang Helicopter Tour which is a 1 day(2 hours trip from Kathmandu.) trip. Langtang Valley Helicopter Tour is the shortest way to travel Langtang region. That offers views of peculiar mountains, villages, scenery, glacier and many more.

Langtang Valley also called glacier valley as above 70 glaciers are situated here with varying shape, sizes and altitude. Mountains like Ganesh Himal (7422 m), Langtang Lirung (7234 m) and more surround the valley from all direction. Hence, making this region isolated from modern infrastructures and technologies. High elevated lakes like Gosaikunda (4380 m), Parvati Kund, Dudh Kunda, etc. have religious importance adding extra excitement to this trip.

In short, Langtang Helicopter Tour takes to the mountainous region of Nepal and offers wonderful panoramic view of Himalayan ranges, heart melting sceneries of alpine forest, glaciers, rivers, ancient villages, temples and more.

Travelers can view local Tamang villages, ancient monasteries, Langtang national park and during April, beautiful rhododendron or Laliguras lights up the entire national parks with bright color. If lucky enough, visitors can see endangered animals and birds living in their natural habitat.

Kathmandu to Langtang Helicopter Tour starts from the capital city “ Kathmandu” and take 2 hours to complete it. During Langtang Helicopter Tour, it passes a number of green hills, villages, rivers, forest and reaches the ultimate destination. Also, offers close interaction with local people of this region which are Tamang, Tibetan and learn about their ancient culture and traditions.

Helicopter lands on either Gosaikunda or Kyanjin Gompa depending on the group choice. If it lands on Kyanjin Gompa, a beautiful Tibetan village with striking views of mountains, ancient monastery, landscapes, scenery, and traditional lifestyle of this region. Here, we can encounter Yaks or Chauri Gai which are used for many purpose like making cheese, Churpi, sweets and winter clothes, etc.

If helicopter lands near Gosaikunda lake then travelers can observe beautiful icy lake which is a religious and holy place for Hindus and Buddhists. You will see the best views of large valley of Langtang regions and high mountains of the Langtang valley.

During the season of August, this region is filled with Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimages that make their way to sacred lake of Gosaikunda”. Thousands of pilgrims from Nepal and India visit this lake to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Hence,  also popular as Gosaikunda Trek.

Langtang Helicopter Tour Package is a holiday package for adventure lovers who want short and safe journey to secret valley of Langtang.


Langtang Helicopter Tour Costs $2000 USD per group which is of 5 people. Besides, chartering a helicopter is also possible whose costs depend on the travel agencies as well as individual’s requirements.

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Trip Highlights

  • Short and Safe trip - 2 hours journey.
  • Langtang National Park
  • Extraordinary aerial views scenery
  • Closeup view of Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal, and other high peaks.
  • Holy lakes of Gosaikunda, Parvati Kund and more.
  • Striking glimpse of glacier, rivers, and streams.
  • Kyanjin Gompa, a Tibetan village with rich culture, tradition, and history.
  • Local cheese factory and markets.
  • Rhododendron and Alpine Forest.

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Wonderful helicopter tour to Langtang

Date: 04 - 06 - 2019

Langtang region was one of the best places on earth to explore the beautiful valley, landscapes, and remote areas. By far the most memorable journey of my life. The best views were Langtang Himalayan ranges, local tea shops, and rhododendron forests. I would recommend this Langtang Helicopter Tour to try once in a lifetime. It's totally worth it.