Packing list and get prepare


Packing list and get prepared when coming to Nepal, the packing list should be prepared in advance. After making a reservation, there should be an adequate list that should be made. What should I pack for a trek in Nepal? How should I prepare my belongings for a trek in Nepal? What are the suggested hiking gear lists for trekking in Nepal? What equipment is suggested for trekking in Nepal? How Should I Dress for a Trek in Nepal? These are some of the questions asked by people coming to Nepal.

If you plan to hike in Nepal, you should be equipped with the correct supplies to reduce your risk of an uncomfortable hike and other issues. Here, we have prepared a standard packing list for trekking in Nepal. The weather and temperatures in the Nepal Himalayas will often be the same above 3500 meters.

How to prepare a packing list?

When deciding what to  Packing list and get prepared for Nepal, it is important to check out the characteristics of the Nepal tours which you are going to undertake and the season/month in which you are coming to the nation Nepal. The trekking packing list can make your trek best and sometimes worse if you do not pack all the things.

With proper preparation, you could achieve the packing in an easy way. In the following lines, we will be looking at some of the packing list for trek in nepal.

Get prepare for winter

While planning to trek in Nepal and going to trek, you will need some necessary equipment too. You will need some warm clothes. So the ideal warm jacket needs a pair of clean vest, under garments and warm socks is also required.

The trekking pole is also needed for the long trekkers. If there is a shorter trek, then a short hike can be done without a trekking pole. You also need some creams like night lotion when you are trekking out in the cold. You also have to buy and get UV protected glasses, smart watches , mobile phones with power banks and some batteries that have to be included. Also carry water to hydrate yourself. 

Get prepare for Summer

In the summertime, it is an ideal trek to Nepal. The summer time in Nepal are from the month of May to October. It is a peak time for many trekkers to visit Nepal. The temperatures can go up to 33 to 35 degree celsius .

While traveling in summer, you will need some jackets which are resistant to both heat and cold. In the trekking you have to get UV protected glasses and buy skin lotion which is needed in the summertime. Accessories such as mobile , flash light, trekking pole and many more which will be suggested by your guide.

Get preparation for monsoon

During the monsoon season which usually falls in between May to August. It might rain consistently in the Himalayan nation, so use a rain jacket, get equipment such as a mobile , flash light, trekking pole, lotions and remember to stay hydrated . You might consider waterproof pack covers in these rainy seasons.

It is also unknown if the rainfall will persist, but you can be prepared for any sort of contingency. Make sure you have all the things needed while traveling in Nepal will also be highlighted by your guide and trekking company. 

Get Preparation for Autumn Season 

The autumn season starts from mid-September to November . It is the fall and in these the climate tends to be cool and in rare occasions, the climate will be ideal,

At the Autumn season you still need to get a jacket to trek in the Autumn season of Nepal. You also will be needing the trekking pole, flash light, mobile, trekking pole and many more.

Packing list for the trekking Nepal

Body Wear

  •  Base Layer

  •  Trekking T-Shirt

  •  Trekking Trouser and Shorts

  •  Fleece Jacket

  •  Down Jacket

  •  Waterproof Jacket or rain, its can be rain some time so it will be better to have it with you.

  •  Sunhat and Warm Hat

  •  Gloves (warm and light)

  •  Trekking Boots

  •  Hiking shoes

  •  Sleepers

  •  Trekking Shocks (4-5 Pears)


  •  Duffel Bag (we will provide)

  •  Day Backpack

  •  Sleeping Bag (you can hire in Kathmandu) if you carry liner for sleeping will be better when     you go higher elevation trek. 

  •  Trekking Poles

  •  Towels

  •  Water purification tablets

  • Water bottle or camel bag

  • Headlight

  • Small medical kits (you can put some Emergency Necessary medicines which you need)

  • Toiletries

  • Lip Balm and Suns Cream

  • Son glass

  • Quick energy bars are recommended to carry, you can eat it when you are supper hungry while you hiking they gives you quick energy to get to destinations.