Before You Go

Travel info is one of the most important things for travellers. You should read the details before you book your trip and know beter.

  • About Nepal

    Nepal: An IntroductionNepal is the land locked mountainous country lies in between India and China. The kingdom is bordered by Tibet to the North and India to the east, west and south. Though, it has unique culture, history, religion & never lost Sovereignty power while both India and Tibet were under British rule. This credits goes to Gorkha Armies (Nepal ...

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  • How to get Visa ?

    A Visa is necessary to enter Nepal and can be obtained for the following duration from any Nepalese Embassy or Consulate or at the entry points in Nepal. The rules below have been updated as of September 2001. Single entry tourist visas can be obtained by paying US $30 for 60 days.If you wish to leave and re-enter the country, you'll ...

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  • Festivals in Nepal

    Known as a heaven-like destination for trekkers, Nepal is also a great place and enriched with festivals. No matter when you visit Nepal, you'll be certain to encounter one or two of the country's hilarious festivals. Although people don't have holidays for all the below-mentioned festivals, enthusiastic Nepalis still attach a great deal of importance to them.Celebrations also vary from ...

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  • people and culture

    Nepali culture is rich and has a rare vibe to it. Most people live in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, where cultures has to be establish the national identity. Since Nepal’s independence in the 18th century, the Kathmandu Valley has been functioned as the country’s main cultural capital.Cultural Diversity of NepalIn terms of cultural heritage, Nepal is the country ...

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  • Packing list and get prepare

     Packing list and get prepared when coming to Nepal, the packing list should be prepared in advance. After making a reservation, there should be an adequate list that should be made. What should I pack for a trek in Nepal? How should I prepare my belongings for a trek in Nepal? What are the suggested hiking gear lists for trekking ...

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