About Nepal

Nepal: An Introduction

Nepal is the land locked mountainous country lies in between India and China. The kingdom is bordered by Tibet to the North and India to the east, west and south. Though, it has unique culture, history, religion & never lost Sovereignty power while both India and Tibet were under British rule. This credits goes to Gorkha Armies (Nepal is also known as the land of Brave Gorkhas). It comprises an area of 147,181 sq. km. and has a population of about 22 million.

The country is an inspiring example of homogenous religion where Hinduism and Buddhism co-exist harmoniously, despite ninety percent of the people being Hindus. Along with the cultural, geographical and religious diversity, Nepal is a land of spectacular mountains and irresistible natural beauty. Among the highest peaks of the world, Nepal has eight, including Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga. The landscape ranges from 60 m (from sea level) to the highest altitude (8,848m). No wonder, Trekking in Nepal would be an adventure of a lifetime! With Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking Company (Pvt.) Ltd. 


Nepal is divided into three different regions geographically. The southern lowlands known as the Terai which occupies 17% of the total surface and has a hot, tropical climate. Terai has good productivity for agriculture and dense forest. This region inhabits nearly 50%of the entire population .People who lives in Terai are of Indian faces and their culture is dominated with Mithila culture.

Biratnagar, Bhairava and Birjung are the main cities .On the other hand, the central hill areas have a cooler sub-tropical climate and the northern region has an alpine climate. Interestingly, the hill region, made up of the Mahabharat and Churia ranges cover 65% of the land ranges from 500-3000 m elevation. The Himalayan regions is up to 3000 m where numerous mountainous culture can be seen .

Himalaya ranges cover 16% of total land and dominated with Tibetan culture. This region is well known for adventures, climbing, and we can get chance to see rarest animals, plants like red panda, snow leopard.

Ethnic Groups

Nepal prides itself for the peaceful settlement of various ethnic groups. Sherpas, Gurung, Magar, Tamang mainly reside in hilly regions. In the middle land and valleys Bramins, Cheetri lives with mixed up of other minorities., Tharus are the main ethnic group in Terai. But whatever the ethnic groups, Neplease resides with a very smooth relationship between various cultural groups. They jointly celebrate fest. It is the sacred Nepal ritual. 

Major Cities

Kathmandu is the capital of Nation as well as the hub of all political and cultural activities. All the ministries and diplomatic mission, university lies altogether. Pokhara is another scenic city with a majestic place to be in, owing to its incomparable natural setting and breathtaking mountains and lakes. It is a celebrated tourist haunt. Biratnagar and Birjung are the industrial cities.