Muktinath Helicopter Tour | Muktinath Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour

Muktinath Helicopter Tour | Muktinath Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour
  • Duration5 Hours
  • Difficulty Level Easy
  • Max Altitude 3710
  • Group Size 20
  • Starts Kathmandu
  • Ends Kathmandu
Muktinath Helicopter Tour | Muktinath Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour Highlights

Some of the major Muktinath Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour highlights are as follows;

  • Holy and Religious temple of Muktinath.
  • Jawala Devi temple, Mharme Lha Khang Gompa, 2 Mukti Kunda, 108 holy stone taps  and many more.
  • Horse ride to the temple.
  • Marvelous views of the Annapurna range (part of great Himalayas).
  • Local markets and shops.
  • Holy and religious lake of Damodar.
  • Ancient Tibetan monasteries, unique landscapes, and sandstone hills, caves, etc on to Damodar Lake.
  • Festival season is best to explore native people culture and tradition.

Wonderful Muktinath Helicopter Tour is a lifetime flight journey to the religious and holy temple of Hindus and Buddhists. Dedicated to the Hindu supreme god “ Lord Vishnu”. This temple resides at an elevation 3,710m on the lap of snow-capped mountain peaks of Thorong La Pass (part of great Himalayas).  

Tour around Muktinath Temple is a major part of the popular Annapurna Circuit Trek. Thus, Muktinath Helicopter Tour is among the highly popular and recommended helicopter tours in Nepal.  

In Nepal, Muktinath Helicopter Tour is quite famous among domestic and international tourists. Besides that, thousands of religious people (Hindus and Buddhists) from all over the world visit this place for “Salvation”. 

Roadway to Muktinath is time-consuming and difficult. For those who want an easy and short journey, the Muktinath helicopter tour ( or Muktinath Yatra helicopter tour) is the best choice. This helicopter trip to Muktinath temples is even suitable for elders, children and physically disabled people.

Helicopter tour around Muktinath offers divine holy temple experiences, exceptionally beautiful mountain peaks of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhree and many more. 

Basically, Muktinath Helicopter Tour with landing starts either from Kathmandu or Pokhara. So, if you are in Kathmandu then you take an early flight to Pokhara which is 25 minutes flight trip. From Pokhara, we start our Muktinath Yatra helicoptertour which takes 1 and a half hours to reach the holy temple.

Besides Muktinath temple, there is a beautiful religious lake of Damodar also called Damodar Kunda. This lake resides at an altitude of 5,400m on the lap of the great Himalayan range. Damodar Kunda(lake) has a rich ancient religious history and famous for its water which is believed to cleanse all the sins of humans. Reaching this lake is possible through the Damodar Kunda helicopter tour.

Pilgrims who visit Muktinath by helicopter also visit Damodar Kunda. Hence, called the Muktinath Damodar helicopter tour. Damodar Helicopter tour with landing at Damodar lake offers great views of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri,Himchuli, and Muktinath Himal. More than 65 peaks lie in this region. 

Best Time for Muktinath Helicopter Tour

Helicopter tours in Nepal are all season tour services in Nepal. The only difference is that some seasons are peak and crowded whereas some are not. In Nepal, there are 4 seasons: Summer/Monsoon, Autumn, Winter, and Spring. 

Among them, spring and autumn are the best seasons for Muktinath Helicopter tour whereas winter and monsoon are the least or off-season of the year. 

March-May and September-November are the best time of the year for the Muktinath tour as the weather is clear offering a clean and wide view of great Himalayas, drylands, villages, temples and more.

December-February and June-August are the least favorite time to visit Muktinath and Damodar. During the winter season, the temperature is freezing cold which makes traveling very difficult and cold mist blocks the mountain views and scenery. While in monsoon season, there is frequent rainfall, storms, strong winds which makes flight trip risky and rain clouds blurs the views and scenery of the surrounding area. 

What to take

  • Extra clothes for changing after bathing in Muktinath and Damodar Kunda.
  • Warm clothes.
  • Sunglasses and sun protection creams.
  • Cameras and Mobile phones.
  • Towels
  • Light snacks and water bottles.
  • Passport or its photocopy


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Note: Required additional permit to enter Damodar Kunda/Lake. 

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Muktinath Helicopter Tour | Muktinath Damodar Kunda Helicopter Tour Itinerary

Outline Itinerary
  • Day 01:From Kathmandu Or Pokhara to Muktinath-Damodar Kunda/lake and back to Kathmandu.

We take an early morning flight to Pokhara from Kathmandu which is 25 minutes flight trip. From Pokhara, we start our trip to Muktinath which takes 1 and a half hours to reach. And, where it rests for an hour to worship and explore the temple. After that, we head to Damodar Kunda/lake (5,400m) and explore the wonderful holy lake and its surroundings. Then after having some food, we head back to Kathmandu.


From Pokhara to Muktinath-Damodar Lake and back to Pokhara

An early morning helicopter flight to Muktinath where it lands for an hour for praying and exploration. Then, we fly towards the holy lake of Damodar which has great religious importance in Hindu mythology. We land near the lake to experience the heavenly views and scenery of this region. After having breakfast, we return back to Pokhara.

  • Max Altitude:3762 M
  • Time:2-3 Hours from Pokhara and 5-6 hours from Kathamandu