Everest base camp trek cost

Everest Base Camp Trek is a classic adventure in the Himalayas with an astounding view, where one gets to witness the world's highest mountains. Along the trail, one also get an opportunity to learn about the unique culture and lifestyles of the world famous mountain climbers “Sherpas”. EBC Trek is a gut-wrenching journey following the trails, which were first discovered by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa back in 1953. Away from the regular chaos of life, this place is a melody of beauty and adventure. From here, one can visit the Everest National Park, Sherpa museum, Sherpa culture center, etc. To sum up Everest Base Camp in one sentence, it is a journey that offers eternal peace and wonderful cultural experience to its visitors.

Everest base camp trek cost will provide for the details head for you. Everest base camp trek is a 15 days long trek. everest base camp trek cost details help to find the expenses head to all. and easy to find the cost control point for the everest base camp trek. 


To enter Nepal you will need to a visa. You get visa on arrival or, Nepal immigration from our country.

  • 15 Days: USD 25 or Equal
  • 30 Days: USD 40 or Equal
  • 90 Days: USD 100 or Equal
  • Average Cost:  USD 40 or Equal.

For your cost of visa to Nepal. There will not be compulsory. If you have other currency you can pay this because it will be converted an equal amount of USD$ exchange rate.

Heath checkup

After your trip to Everest base camp, you most need to check up your health. If you don’t have a healthy body there will be hard to complete your trip. Everest base camp trek is one of the most. You will need to take vaccinations that are Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio Hepatitis A, and typhoid.

Important notice: do not drink open sources of water in Nepal. You most need to you will use water purification tablets or other purification chemicals. When you will reach in a high altitude, you must drink more water. It helps to acclimatize your body with high altitude.


If you would plan to visit Nepal make sure you have travel insurance. Your insurance should cover emergency rescue, flight delay or cancellation, and emergency medical cost.

Over 4000 meters, there will be needed to find a specific policy that covers high altitude trekking.

Average insurance cost: USD$ 150 for 30 days.


You will need to prepare perfect packing for Everest base camp trek. If you miss anything you may hard during the trek. The main packing things for your trip: down jacket, sleeping bag, a warm hat, sunglasses, waterproof jacket, light-weight hiking boot, duffle bag and bay bag, trekking poles, trousers, trekking socks, light T-shirt, warm clothes, body territories and equipment, etc. for full packing list please visit here.

In case of missing any equipment in the Kathmandu. You can easily find anything in Namche Bazaar. But there will be more expensive than Kathmandu. Because there will be not available on any road transport. They will use a helicopter, yak, and potter to carry their equipment.

Average budget: USD$ 2000

Lukla-KTM-Lukla flight:

Lukla-Ktm-Lukla flight is an important flight to reach Everest base camp. Most of the people use this route to reach the Everest base camp. Flight to Lukla from Kathmandu is only available for morning time.  In the Lukla, the weather is changeable so during the day time hard to take a flight to Lukla.

For Lukla ticket, you will need to book your ticket in advance. During the busy and main season, the flight will full and you will hard to get a ticket at that time. If you will book your ticket in the advance, you would make a first-morning flight to Lukla and that flight is more probability to take flight if there will be more changing weather.

Necessary Permits

Nowadays due to the decentralization, a new permit system has been implemented in the country, where the trekkers are no longer required to take the Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) card. The new local entry permit has completely replaced the old trek permit in Khumbu. However, one needs to take TIMS card if they opt for trekking from Jiri to Everest base Camp.

The following are the permits that one needs to take before starting the trek:

Khumbu Pasang Lhamu Rural Municipality Entrance Permit:

After the replacement of TIMS, ar the local government of Khumbu directly collect NPR 2000(USD $20) per person, from the foreigners. These permits are available from Lukla, and if the traveler is trekking from Jiri or Salleri (Phaplu) to Everest base camp, the permit can be obtained from Monjo. The fee of the permit should be deposited at Lukla Check post.

Sagarmatha National Park Entry Permit:

This permit can be obtained from either Kathmandu or Nepal Tourism Board office or in Monjo at Park Entrance Gate. The permit fee for foreigners is 3,000 NPR plus 13%  VAT, which becomes 3,390 NPR (approximately US $34 in total). The permit fee for SAARC countries is NPR 1,500 per person.

Additional Permit for Jiri to Everest  Base Camp Trek:

If one is following the classic route from Jiri to Everest Base Camp, one needs to take special permit for Gaurishankar Conservation Area, as this falls in that region. It will cost 3,000 NPR, and this permit can be organized by independent trekker or can be issued from Tourism Board Kathmandu. One can get the permit from Kathmandu.

*The prices are subject to change.

Required Documents for the Permits

Passport details for Khumbu Lhamu Rural Municipality and Sagarmatha National Park entrance permit.

Two photos for Gaurishankar Conservation Area Project entry permit and one also needs to fill up a short form to obtain the permit.

Note: All the fees must be paid in local currency only.

Potter and guide.

Guide and potter is one of the important things in high altitude. Everest base camp trek reaches 5545m high altitude. The Everest region trekking is known as a challenging trekking route of Nepal.  If you want to do trekking yourself(without guide or potter) there will risk for you. In the high altitude, nobody knows about high health. In the case of sickness from any disease, there will be nobody no care you. That may take your life. Guide and potter is a service for your safety. We will provide you a trained guide and potter, who care you and they help to find a way. They are experienced in all of the Himalaya, culture, and day to day related activities of the tours. If there will be bad weather they will find the best way of your trip to control high risk. The normal rate of Everest base camp trek guide and potter is USD$ 25per day and USD$20 per day.

Accommodation and Food.

Everest base camp trek accommodation and food cost are depending on your habit. For accommodations, the cost normally starts from  USD 10 to if you expect and more luxurious trek to Everest,  there will increase your cost for accommodation. In the route of Everest base camp, you will need to book your room after live your tour. If there will be a busy season there would be hard to find room in the camp. But don't worry about it travel agent have one regular hotel in every camp and they will give the first priority to manage accommodation.

In the trail of Everest base camp, food will find what would choose. The food cost also depends on your behavior. We will suggest that when you will reach a high altitude, you will be used veg food. Because non-veg food is not fressed in the Himalaya and this is not healthy food. The average cost of food for the Everest base camp trek is starting from USD 30 per day(exclude All kind of drinks). In every package of our company the breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included during the trek.