Everest Base Camp Trekking in March and April

Everest base camp trekking in March and April 2020/2021

Nepal is one of the South Asian countries. It is not surprising that the best trekking is in Nepal. If you keep on your mind the gorgeous mt Everest probably there. Now just imagine that you standing right at the front of the Mt. Everest the highest mountain in the world. If you are thinking about the Everest base camp trek in March/April 2020/2021, then I am here to support you.

Like most of the countries, Nepal also experiences by March/April season this is also the high season of the Nepal trekking and hiking activities. Temperatures begin to warm up and nature awakens from its winter rest with developing green grass and different type of flowers. But in the mountainous region of Nepal there is until a winter season in early March.during the march the day are a bit a longer and longer and it’s much warmer but if it will still be cold up there. when the April starting there is much warmer than April still be  -5℃ to -8℃ temperature in the foot of the Mt.Everest.

April march season of Nepal is a popular trekking season of Nepal. Because during this season day is a bit longer and the weather is clean and need. The temperature is day to day decrease at this season so this temperature is feet to our body easily so there is the low effect of the high altitude sickness which as the time rolls on the weather is more ideal. so, during this time to be busy but not like an Oct/Nov.

Many people said that the march is less season but not that much off season. Because at that time the day will bit a longer, the temperature will increase weather will be clear at the mountain and views are need and clean. At that time the mountain view is best then other time because that will fully be covered by snow and mountain are bright.  With the winter coming to end, Everest base camp trek in March/April is absolutely best and it is possible. I said that the best time to visit Mt. Everest in April.

Outline Itinerary of Everest base camp trek 2022/2023

Day 01:Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

Day 02:Pre-trip meeting Sightseeing around Kathmandu and overnight at hotel. 

Day 03:Flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. Trek to Phakding (2700m.) overnight at guesthouse. 

Day 04:Phakding to Namche Bazaar (3440m.) and overnight at guest house. 

Day 05:Acclimatization in Namche (3440m.) and overnight at guest house. 

Day 06:Trek to Tengboche Monastery (3860m.) 5 hours. And overnight at guest house. 

Day 07:Trek to Dingboche (4350m.) 5.30 hours. And overnight at guest house. 

Day 08:Acclimatization in Dingboche. 4.30 hours. And overnight at guest house. 

Day 09:Trek to Lobuche (4910m.) 5 hours. And overnight at guest house. 

Day 10:Trek to Everest Base Camp (5365 meters) then back to Gorak Shep (5180m.). 8 hours. And overnight at guest house. 

Day 11:Hike up to Kala pattar (5545m.) early in the morning and trek down to Pheriche (4120m.). 7 hours. And overnight at guest house. 

Day 12:Trek to Namche (3440 meters) 4 hrs. And overnight at guest house. 

Day 13:Trek to Lukla (2840m.) 7 hours. And overnight at guest house.  

Day 14:Morning flight back to Kathmandu. 30 minutes. Transfer to hotel. 

Day 15:Final departure

Note: For more details about everest base camp trek itinerary and cost visit at our Everest base camp trekking itinerary(Click Here).

Everest base camp trekking in march.

1. Can you take the most popular trekking trails with Everest base camp route?

If no, there is a big mistake in your life because if you will be there that made one of the lifetime experience of Nepal. Never miss that type of experience in your life. Because life is there are the many more trekking trails some of the trekking trails are given below:

1.1 Everest  view trek

Everest View trek is a short trek in Everest region. it is a total 12 days trekking package. there are 8 days take to reach Everest view trek final destination. someone the are complete this trekking in 6 days

1.2 Everest base camp trek.

everest base camp trekking is the most popular trekking in the world. there is every man people visit in Everest base camp threw us. Everest base camp is 14 days trekking from the Kathmandu. But nowadays many clients like to complete in 12 days they can't take an acclimatization day due to lack of time period. that is also not hard for complete. 

1.3 Everest high pass trek.

Everest high pass trek is a one of the challenging trekking of the Everest region. it is the longest trekking of the Everest. it takes 21 days to complete this trekking. there is you will reach 3 high passes of the Everest region which is famous in the world. that is kongmala pass, chola pass and Renjola pass within 21 days. it is also called three pass trek.

1.4 Everest base camp Chola pass Gokyo trek,

Everest base camp chola pass gokyo trek is a same route until the Everest base camp and then cross the Chola pass and you can reach the Gokyo lake that is called Everest base camp Gokyo lake trekking. this will be 13 days to meet 

1.5 Everest base camp trek with Island peak 

Everest base camp trek with island peak is a famous package in Nepal. At first, there will be a trek to Everest base camp and then Climbing to island peak. Complete this trip takes 15 days for you. 

We are specially Everest trekking organizer so we will focus on Everest base camp trekking so you can also see your more trekking package on our this website.

2. Some your question will be here.

  1. What will the weather be like?
  2. What will you need to bring with you?
  3. What will be difficulty at March/April?

2.1 Why visit Nepal in Spring season March/April?

In my opinion spring season is the best season of the visit Nepal. There is the many interesting things to visit at that time in the Nepal the main highlight of Nepal culture and religion.

  • The winter coming to end                                                                 
  • Best season for trekking and hiking
  • The temperature of the mountain will be increased.
  • Hindu religious main festival
  • Nepal’s special new year
  • Weather is much warmer
  • Glorious view of the mountain.

2.2 Festival in Nepal in the spring season.

Spring season started with the may type o the festival in Nepal. Nepal has many different types of the festival. Shiva Ratri(god shiva’s night, celebrate as the worship of God Shiva as per the winter coming end.), Phagu Purnima(known as a color festival), Chaitra Dashain(small Dashain(goddess Durga), Nepali new year (new year as per Bikram sambat ), Mother Festival. And many more festivals.

2.3 Everest base camp trekking weather highlight

  • Sunny clear blue sky  with great views of the mountain
  • Rain is very rare almost never in the forecast in Everest region
  • Daytime time temperatures will generally reach highs around  9℃.
  • At the night the average temperature drops down to -10℃.
  • For  March/April expect sunshine for an average of 7 hours per day.
  • March is one of the dry months in Nepal. The weather is particularly dry

2.4 Weather temperature, Everest base camp in March/April

Weather temperature of the Everest base camp trekking is a best for trekking. But at the start of the march is better cold because this does not end the winter in the mountain of Nepal.

3. Everest base camp temperature in March

Everest base camp temperature is normally 7°C to -10°C that will be not hard for our body. this is the best season in the Everest. normally weather will be clear in the mountain

3.1 Everest base camp temperature in March

   Place                  Altitude       Avg Temp  Min Temp  Max Temp
Lukla          2,829 m   7.2°C       7.2°C        12.7°C
Namche       3,463 m   -6°C       -10°C   -3°C
Dingboche       4,483 m   -2.0°C    -10.5°C        4.7°C
Lobuche        4,910 m   -5.6°C  -13.3°C       2.1°C
Gorak Shep           5180 m   -6.8°C   -12.5°C     0.9°C

3.2 Everest base camp temperature in april.

 Place        Altitude  Avg Temp Min Temp Max Temp
Lukla                        2,829 m  10.1°C        2.8°F    14.7°C
Namche                              3,463 m   05°C -06°C 5°C
Dingboche                 4,483 m  03.0°C        -08.5°C   4.7°C
Lobuche                         4,910 m       0°C    -09.1°C   2°C
Gorak Shep                5180 m  -3.8°C       -10.5°C  1°C



4. Require equipment for perfect preparation and backpack

4.1 Body Wear

  • Loose comfortable T-shirt
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Trousers
  • A fleece jacket or pullover
  • A thermal layer (shirts and pants)  
  • Water and windproof jacket
  • Water and windproof jacket
  • Wool or thermal gloves
  • Sun hat and sunglasses
  • Wool or fleece hat
  • Scarf
  • Down Jacket

4.2 Foot Wear

  • Warm woolen socks
  • Normal socks
  • Hiking Boots
  • Camp Sandals
  • Gaiters (optional)
  • Accessories
  • Trekking Accessories

4.3 A daypack

  • Rucksack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Duffel bag
  • Head Torch
  • Trekking Poles
  • Personal Accessories

4.4 Personal Toiletries (shampoo, soap, shavers, moisturizer, towel, etc)

  • Sunblock and lip balm
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Personal medications if any you need to take
  • Water Bottles
  • Camera, Music, and Books (Optional)


5. Everest base camp trek difficulty

Everest base camp trek in March/April, Everest trekking many people went to trekking. If you have many prepare perfectly for your trekking you will be a success to complete Everest base camp trekking in Nepal. There is you can take a short flight to get Lukla from Kathmandu. Sometimes there is a problem due to your flight delay but don't worry that much if you have time you will possible to try next day otherwise you will possible to take a sharing helicopter to get Lukla with additional cost.

As per trekking itinerary average walking period is 5-6 hr per day to get your final destination but if you have uncomfortable to complete your day to day camp. There were tea house and lunch place to get a lodge and food.

Everest base camp trekking is on the high altitude of the 5545 m(on Kala Patthar which is the popular viewpoint of the Everest region) high on your this trip so there will be little bit risk of high altitude sickness. If you have your travel insurance, you would not worry about that because there is available rescue helicopter charter service in case of emergency