Booking Information

Your Trekking Day 
Walk will be from for 4 to 7 hours every day, depending upon trails and altitude with some rest and acclimatization periods. The daily routine begins at around 6 a.m. with bed tea and washing water brought to your tent and rooms. Please get packed promptly so that the Sherpas can start taking down the tents and your baggage, while you are having breakfast. Take your day pack with you to breakfast. The morning walk will be about 3 hours and there is no need to hurry. The lunch stop lasts about 1 to 2 hours and is a good time to do your laundry and write your diary etc. Then walk for another 2 to 3 hours to our evening stop. Tea and biscuits awaits you and a few hours later dinner and evening reading, cards, drinking, etc. 

Health Consideration 
Health facilities, hygiene and disease risk vary worldwide. The area you are traveling through is safe and is not affected by any kind of health hazard. There are no statutory requirements unless you are arriving from an area designated as infected by cholera or yellow fever. 
We recommend vaccinations against polio, typhoid, tetanus, and hepatitis A. Please consult your doctor or vaccination centre for up to date information.
Though malaria is not endemic in the Kathmandu valley and mountain and hilly region, it is advisable to take malaria prophylaxis if you are passing though India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. A combination of Paludrine (Proguanil) and Chloroquine are recommended for this part of South Asia. Sleeping tablets are very dangerous at high altitude as it depresses your respiratory system. 

Visa Requirement 
Visa can be obtained from Nepalese Embassy and Consulates abroad as well as at Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport on arrival. But Chinese nationals have to obtain visa prior leaving their country. Visa Fee for single entry is US$ 30 which is valid for 60 days. Multiple visas can be obtained paying US$ 80 which is valid for 180 days in a year. Sri Lankan National can get pilgrimage visa paying US $ 10. 

Tipping though not compulsory but is expected. 

Flight Information 
Nepal Airlines, Thai Airways, Indian Airlines, Ethihad Air, Qatar Airways, Gulf Airways, Dragon Air, Druk Air, Silk Air, Bangladesh Biman and Air China major airlines that operate in Nepal sector. These airlines have direct connection with many major cities of Europe and Asia. 

It all depends on the client's requirement. However, we patronize 3-4 star standard Hotels, in Kathmandu for our clients as these hotels are conveniently located in the centre of the popular Thamel district. Outside Kathmandu, clients are made to stay in teahouse and camp as required. 

Adventure Travel Insurance 
Before you take up a Himalayan vacation you must insure your trip. Your policy should mention that trekking is involved & the Insurance Scheme designed specifically with the needs of the adventure traveler in mind. In addition to the normal provisions within any travel insurance policy, your scheme should include reference to covering trekking, rafting or biking etc involved in this trip and also include cover for helicopter rescue and repatriation. An additional cover may include ‘special outbound missed departure extension’ cover, providing valuable cover for internal flight departures missed due to international flight delays or vice versa. 

Group Size and client: guide ration…. 
We will take a maximum of 50 clients on the trip. There will be a local sirdar (guide) and a team of Sherpas to cater for the group's needs. 

Baggage Allowances……….. 
You should aim to keep the combined weight of your check-in and cabin baggage to around 20 kgs. 

Choosing the company: 
Nepal Hiking Adventure Company an Explorer and Adventure Travel & Tour company, although the companies is recently established, but have veteran trekking staffs who have led tours, treks and major mountaineering expeditions for almost two decade. Being an established agency in the adventure world, we are well known for its innovative ideas, reliability and value for money. Is it trekking on the foothills of the Himalayas through the terraced farm fields, pristine forest of pines, rhododendron or wandering in the wilderness? Assuring in making your trip successful and memorable. Whether you prefer to bike on Tibetan Plateau or kayaking in the whitewater of Himalaya, you find all kind of choices with us. 

How to book 
Having read the information, if you wish to make necessary travel arrangement please contact us, please don't hesitate to contact our office. You may write us for more information on a particular trip or other Himalayan destination that we offer. Please let us know regarding the booking and send it us either by e-mail along as a deposit which can be paid by cheque or credit card (Visa, Master Card, and American Express.) On receipt of your booking form, we will send you an acknowledgement letter with detail information about Nepal and the trip that you are going to take. 

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