Mt Lhotse (4th Highest Mountain in the World)

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Are you thinking of going to climb Lhotse? If yes then let make your dream come true. It is the dream of any experienced trekker to climbs this summit. Mt Lhose which sits at the (8516 meters / 27,940 feet). It is the fourth tallest mountain in the world. Behind Everest, K2 and Kanchenjunga there is Lhotse Mountain.  It was first climbed in 1956 by the team of Swiss mountaineers after several failed attempts, Lhotse is the force to be known in the trekking world. About Mount Lhotse, it can be said that the peak lies in the Kumbhu region. It is also situated at the Sagarmatha National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that has numerous snow-capped mountains, glaciers, valleys, lakes, trails, and is home to the Sherpa people

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Mt Lhotse is the spectacular Himalayan peak which is located south of Mount Everest and linked through the South Col. With an elevation height of 8,516 m (27,940 ft.) and prominence reach of 610m, it is the fourth tallest peak in the world. Lhotse has the most prominent mountain face at 3.2 km high and 2.25 km wide. 

The awesome peak Mt Lhotse also shares the same route as that of Mt Everest, passing through the South Col. From “Geneva Spur,” which is the route to the Lhotse summit takes you rightward through a steep climb on a long couloir. The Western face is generally the most preferred climbing route ahead.

Lhotse massif also includes three different summits. The Lhotse Main is the highest among them, with 8,516 m in elevation. The other summits include Lhotse Shar (8,383 m) and the Lhotse East/Middle (8,413 m). The Lhotse Main was first scaled in 1956 by the Swiss team.


  • Sense of achievement when reaching at the summit of Mt Lhotse (8516 meters/27,940 meters).

  • Climb Kala Patthar which is at 5440 meters and see the picturistic view of Mt Mount Everest Ama Dablam.

  • One can also climb the culture and hospitality of the Sherpa people.

  • Grand celebration when you arrive in Kathmandu.

About Mount Lhotse 

Now mentioning about Mount Lhotse, with an altitude of 8,516 meters which is above sea level, Mount Lhotse is the fourth highest mountain of the world which is after Mount Everest, K2, and Kanchenjunga. Lhotse lies at the border between Tibet of China and the Khumbu region of the nation of Nepal.  This majestic peak is one of the famous expedition destination to scale up. Lhotse is also located in a very short distance of about three kilometers at south of Mount Everest, and these two glorious peaks are separated by south col. Except for the main peak of 8,516 meters, Lhotse comprises other two eight-thousander; Lhotse Middle is recorded at 8,414-meter elevation and Lhotse Shar at 8,383 meters. It is placed between two nations; Nepal and Tibet, Lhotse’s name is taken from the Tibetan language meaning “South Peak.” In account of its name, the south face of Lhotse is the most technical forefront of the mountain. The south face of Lhotse is also one of the largest faces in the whole world. In the Lhotse expedition, there is also a section that is declared as the most dangerous part of the climb which is called the Khumbu Icefall. Lhotse base camp and Everest base camp both peaks share the same base camp, which is known as "Everest Base Camp" and it is a part of the Everest massif itself.

Where is Mt Lhotse?

Lhotse lies just south of Mount Everest, to which it is joined by the ridge at an elevation of around 25,000 feet (7,600 meters). It is also considered part of the Everest massif. E1 was the original survey symbol which denotes Everest 1 for the mountain, which was given to it by the Survey of India in 1931. On May 18, 1956, Fritz Luchsinger and Ernest Reiss, two Swiss climbers, made the first ascent of Lhotse I.

Mt Lhotse expedition

Climbing Mt Lhotse is an excellent alternative to for the Everest Expedition while being much more affordable since the permit fees are much lower while going on a similar climb. Though it is often seen as a minor eight-thousander, Lhotse is a dramatic peak and its own right, due to its tremendous south face which also rises through 3.2 km in only 2.25 km for the horizontal distance, making it the steepest face of this size in the world.

 The south face has been the scene of many failed Lhotse expeditions, some notable fatalities, and very few ascents too. Climbing Lhotse can be done as an add at during an Everest expedition as well, since the two peaks are also connected by the South Col.

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