Client Reviews

  • Everest Base Camp helicopter tour was incredible!rating star

    I have to say, the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour was incredible! We went on this fantastic helicopter right away in Kathmandu, and the views were out of this world. we got to view the Himalayas like we'd never seen them before. It was like, whoa! when we arrived at Everest Base Camp. I felt like I was on top of the world standing there, staring up at those gigantic peaks. We also went on a short hike to this beautiful viewpoint, and the photos I got were spectacular! Then we landed at Kala Patthar, this insanely high point with mind-blowing vistas. Everest and all the other large mountains, right there in front of us. I realize this tour isn't cheap, but believe me when I say it's worth every penny. This isn't your average adventure; it's something once in a lifetime. So, if you want to visit Mount Everest without breaking a sweat, this helicopter trip is for you.

    RobAustralia,November 29, 2023
  • Nepal visited with professional teamrating star

    Had only 2 day trip around Kathmandu and an Everest Base camp helicopter tour. It was my solo trip which was arranged by the Nepal Everest Base Camp team. In my city and helicopter tour, both were great. Tour to Everest Helicopter was the main attraction for this time. It was a lifetime experience and incredible views.
    Happy time and thanks team of Nepal Everest Base Camp.

    wannerAustralia,November 12, 2023
  • EBC Heli tour was excellentrating star

    I heard about Nepal Everest base camp company from my friends who had a great trip with them back in 2018. I’m glad we chose your company for our trek. This company is the best, they kept in touch, helped us feel safe, and they made sure our Everest base camp Helicopter Tour was awesome. Our Everest base camp helicopter tour was incredible and it’s all thanks to you guys. They were super pro from the very beginning, picking us up from the airport and getting us all the way to the tour destination. They had our backs for like 24/7. They gave us advice and support whenever we needed it. They took oversight of our tour from the minute we arrived at the airport. Their dedication to our well-being felt like having a trustworthy friend at our side at all times. A special thanks to Nepal Everest Base Camp Company for their outstanding service and forever dedication to excellence. We enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you for another fantastic experience! Out tour – EBC Heli tour was excellent. Thank you!

    RajeshIndia,November 01, 2023
  • A Lifetime of Memories on EBC trek 14 Days Trekrating star

    Bishnu and his team are extremely responsive, helpful, and friendly. They really care about our safety and making sure we have a good time. Do your research on the trek and come prepared with questions.

    We were a large group of 10 people and our guides, Raj Kumar and Ram Krishna, and team of porters took good care of us. They did a great job describing our itinerary every evening to prepare us for the next day and checking in on every individual to see how they are handling the trek and altitude as the days progressed. A few anecdotes that best describe the positive vibes of our guides were the first day we met Raj, he wore a shirt that said "Never Frown" and Ram's catchphrase for the trek was "it's going to be an easy day!". Needless to say there were many hearty laughs on the trek despite sometimes strenuous hiking days, bitterly cold weather, and traumatizing bathroom situations. We can't thank you enough for your hospitality!

    Nepal is prone is Murphy's Law -- inclement weather, overbooked lodging, and risk of altitude sickness can easily deter your original plans. Although the team are professionals and adept at adapting quickly to anything that might need to change, I highly recommend going into the trek with a flexible attitude and getting good traveler's insurance to account for additional costs due to unexpected changes/delays or medical issues.

    JessCanada,October 27, 2023
  • Awesome Lifetime Experiencerating star

    WoW! It was Amazing as well as Awesome Lifetime Experience. I am feeling myself wordless while writing the review about this Journey with my family arranged by Nepal Everest Base Camp. Specifically about Mr. Bishnu Lamsal, Who was a perfect plan of this Heart Touching Tour, We were five fabulous on board that particular day.  All felt Great and very Grateful to Nepal Everest Base Camp. Once again for Achieving this Rare Feat.

    Prakash GKIndia,September 25, 2023
  • Everest Base Camp tour by helicopterrating star

    I did Everest Base Camp tour by helicopter. We flew from Kathmandu towards Mt Everest, re-fueled, landed short of base camp, and split into two groups, taking turns going over the base camp and then joined back up to land at the World's Highest Bakery Cafe at Lobuche in Nepal, which is situated on the way to the Everest Base Camp, for breakfast. And we re-fuelled for our trip back to Kathmandu. It took about 4 hours. Well managed and great team. Thank you so much for all. Highly recommended.

    hollowend SUnited Kingdom,September 21, 2023
  • Amazing Everest Base Camp Treckrating star

    i booked for the Everest Base Camp treck for from 9 of September to 22nd of September. first of all Bishnu the company's owner was very helpful and supportive. i reached out to him many months before the trip and he did give me all the advice i needed and answered all my questions as fast as possible.
    as i was coming alone i was a little bit anxious to feel lonely/get bored but this completely disappeared when i first met my guide Tilak!! since we first met Tilak made sure that i don't feel weird and made everything so i did feel comfortable and as time passed we became good friends and i ended up being happy of coming alone as it helped me build a stronger friendship with him!!! Tilak is also a Hiamlayas encyclopedia, as he literally knows the name of each mountain and any information regarding the said mountains. there wasn't a single question that he couldn't answer!!
    Also my porter Rupesh (a very tough guy) was very friendly and never complained about the weight of the bag, and it was nice chatting with him during the day as he always have good vibes!! both guys made sure that i felt comfortable and we really became good friends by the end of our journey.
    Also it's important to note how flexible the company is, as i was supposed to complete the treck in 12 days. however since i was a little bit faster we ended up finishing it in 10 days and the company made sure to re-arrange everything without me having to pay anything extra!!!
    to make it simple, everything was excellent 👌👌👌, would definitely recommend this to anyone

    Michel AUnited States,September 20, 2023
  • I went on a really cool 2-week hike to the Everest Base Camprating star

    I went on a really cool 2-week hike to the Everest Base Camp with Nepal Everest Base Camp Company. Our guide, Ram, was super nice and told us awesome stories and also gave us plenty of knowledge’s regarding the trip. He made sure we were safe. The guys who carried our stuff were crazy strong and kind. They had the little genuine smile on their face the whole time of the trek. The trek was set up perfectly with all the comfy places to stay, rest and yummy food. Nevertheless, the view was unexplainably good. Ram, our guide, was like our own buddy. They helped us when we felt little uneasy or when we felt sick from the height and they were always patient. When I wanted to take break in between they let me do that, they were perfect. I must say, guides make our trip the best and the company director was perfect too. He replied our emails, text quickly and responded to our all questions in an easy way. The trek was connecting, refreshing, and if you want a Himalayan adventure, trek then definitely go with Nepal Everest Base Camp company. They will give you best service with the best guide, potter, and staff.

    Jennifer SmithUnited States,August 31, 2023