Client Reviews

  • The helicopter ride offered breathtaking views of the Himalayasrating star

    The tour itself was outstanding. The helicopter ride offered breathtaking views of the Himalayas, and landing at Everest Base Camp was a dream come true. The pilot was knowledgeable and friendly which made our journey even more enjoyable.
    Throughout the trip, I felt well taken care of. From the moment I arrived in Nepal to the moment I left, the company ensured I had everything I needed. Their attention to detail and warm hospitality made the experience even more special. I can't recommend the Everest Base Camp helicopter tour and Nepal Everest Base Camp Company enough. When I was searching for a company to book this tour, I came across Nepal Everest Base Camp Company and I'm so glad I did. It's an perfect tour I'll cherish forever and I'm already thinking about when I can come back for another unforgettable trip.  They truly live up to their reputation for providing top-notch service.

    EliseAustralia,June 10, 2023
  • EBC Tour by Helicopterrating star

    We had arrived in Nepal ready for our dream adventure, and this EBC helicopter tour was the perfect way to kick it off. We had booked with Nepal Everest Trekking Company and had heard nothing but amazing feedback from previous customers. We met our tour manager, Bishnu, at the office, a friendly man with an easy smile. He answered all of our questions thoroughly, ensuring that we had a complete understanding of how the day would progress. As we boarded the helicopter, we felt the thrill of excitement wash over us. The first thing we noticed was the incredible views of the Himalayan Mountains and valleys. Our pilot was knowledgeable about all of the peaks, villages, and glaciers, pointing them out to us as we flew along. We soon reached our first destination: the majestic Kala Pathar. Our pilot circled near the peak a few times so that we could take in the stunning views, and then we gently descended towards kala Pathar. As the helicopter's landing gear made contact with the surface, the feeling of accomplishment filled us. We had made it! We stepped out of the helicopter and for a few minutes, we simply enjoyed the silence and tranquility of the real-life paradise we were standing in. We took pictures, drank the liquor we brought in the incredible views, and enjoyed being part of this momentous occasion. Finally, it was time to go and we climbed back into the helicopter, grateful for having experienced such a unique opportunity.

    MattUnited States,June 06, 2023
  • Helicopter tour of Everest Base Camprating star

    I recently went on a helicopter tour of Everest Base Camp with Nepal Hiking Adventure Company, and it was an incredible experience. The scenery was breathtaking, and the experience of flying over the Himalayas was truly awe-inspiring. On top of that, our landing at Everest Base Camp was incredibly smooth and well-executed. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and the whole experience was educational as well as enjoyable. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone looking for an unforgettable experience in Nepal!

    YutingTaiwan,June 05, 2023
  • helicopter tour of Everest Base Camprating star

    I recently had the pleasure of taking a helicopter tour of Everest Base Camp with Nepal Everest Base Camp Trekking Company. After researching numerous companies, I am so glad I chose them. The tour was absolutely spectacular! We were provided with up-to-date safety information and precautions, and the flight was surprisingly smooth. We flew over some of the most gorgeous mountains in the world, and the views were absolutely breathtaking. During our time at Kallapathar which was 5545m in altitude, we had the chance to take some amazing pictures and enjoy having lunch at one of the most amazing places on earth The Highest Hotel On Earth (Everest View Hotel). The staffs were unbelievably helpful and knowledgeable about the flight and the tour. I’m highly anticipating the next trek with them on coming September.

    BlaisePoland,June 04, 2023
  • Everest Helicopter tourrating star

    I anxiously contacted this company through Instagram, desperate to experience the wonders of the Himalayas. They were incredibly helpful with answering all my questions and even offering us a discounted rate for prebooking our trip, which I did 7 days in advance.
    On the day of the tour, I was filled with anticipation as I waited for the hotel pickup that arrived just on time. That's when I met Mr. Gurung, our experienced pilot with a professional air about him that gave me a feeling of safety and assurance during our flight. What an incredible luck we had with the weather; a beautiful clear blue sky revealed Everest in all its glory from both Kallapattar and the Everest View Hotel. In fact, we stayed at the hotel longer than usual because Mr. Gurung got called off to a rescue operation just after our landing!
    My heart pounded with excitement as I stepped into the helicopter for my first time, soaring across the majestic Himalayas. This was an unbelievable experience full of wonder and beauty that left me in awe--and something I highly recommend to anyone who is debating it. To top it off, going through this amazing company ensures premium service you won't regret!

    FinnSwitzerland,June 02, 2023
  • Life Changing Tour by Helicopter to Mount Everest.rating star

    This is a life changing Tour by Helicopter to Mount Everest. The sun peeked through the clouds, casting a golden hue on the majestic mountain peaks towering above. As the helicopter approached the summit of Mount Everest, I felt a sense of awe wash over me. From my perch in the cabin, I could see the immense beauty of the landscape unfurling before me. Nepal Everest Trekking Company had provided the perfect adventure. The experienced pilots navigated the chopper through the treacherous terrain with ease, evading the billowing clouds of snow and ice that obscured our path. As we flew by, I could see tiny villages tucked between the mountains, like jewels nestled in velvet. The tour was unforgettable, a journey to an otherworldly realm. The company had gone out of its way to make it as special as possible, with refreshments throughout the trip and a knowledgeable manager Bishnu to answer all of my questions. At the end of it, I could only be grateful that I had endeavored on this venture. I was certain that I had chosen the right outfit for my expedition. The view and experience were worth every penny. 

    KaileyUnited States,June 02, 2023
  • very helpful, experienced,rating star

    If you are willing to see Mt. Everest and are on a tight budget or limited time, then this is the best tour for your once-in-a-lifetime experience at the world's tallest mountain. We book the Everest base camp helicopter tour at the very last minute when we arrive in Kathmandu and Ram arranged it very smoothly. He was very helpful, experienced, knowledgable, happy, cheerful, and amazed with his quick wit and polite demeanor. 

     The information before booking a trip and completing the tour, he is always there for us guiding and helping us all the way.  The helicopter tour to the Everest base camp with landing was superb and a great experience to have. The luck was also on our site as the weather was fair.  It was very clear and sunny and there was no chance of fog or rain. We were able to see all the peaks at a close distance.

    hardikIndia,May 29, 2023
  • Everest base camp heli tourrating star

    We had a fantastic time during our trip of Everest base camp heli tour. Everything was arranged making it super easy for us. We decided to go off season to avoid too much of the crowd and I think it was a good idea. I could enjoy the beautiful scenario all by myself. While I was searching for the company to go to trip in Nepal I came across your company.

    I did research to figure out so many positive reviews, feedbacks and responses about Nepal Everest base camp company. The name of your company speaks up for your quality services regarding the trip to Everest base camp. The tour was outstanding. We had a good experience and all the things went at our pace which was great. We were taken great care off from our arrival to the departure with excellent services and welcomes. This trip was truly remarkable. Big recommendation and we will make sure to come again for another trip.

    TomUnited Kingdom,May 27, 2023